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hi I’m tiffany!


Perpetual food lover, coach for Asian Am creatives, design strategist, and pop-up enthusiast.

I opened up Tiffunee after leaving my exhibit design office job in April 2018. It started out as a personal experiment, a motivator to carry out the passion projects I had sitting around, and a shop to sell the art I made. Never before had I considering freelancing or going full-time with my business, but I knew finding another design job was not where I wanted to go next.

Life stays spicy when you are constantly learning. But because of that, I’ve had a hard time committing to one idea/thing/career path. As I was introduced to the idea of personal brands and in-person attraction marketing, I found that YOU CAN build a business that grows as you do.

Now Tiffunee is not only a space serving up:

  • coaching for creative Asian American women

  • design services for creative businesses

BUT ALSO A COMMUNITY. I feel fulfilled that my business reflects all facets of my strengths and curiosities. When I look back, my life changed when started giving myself permission to build a creative life & career on my own terms. When I understood and accepted my life would unfold differently from anyone else’s that was scary…but that was the magic. I believe we can create our own perfect recipes for “life”. When we get to know ourselves and align how we live with our values - amazing things happen. So I invite you to create a life, career, vision on your own terms, too.

Tiffunee is a place just for you. It’s a place to feed your dreams, so that they become your lived reality.


so tif-fun-ee?

Can you tell I like puns? Growing up Vietnamese American, my immigrant parents also would yell my name in their accents. It sounded like TIF-FUN-EE! I used to be super embarrassed, but now it’s something we can all joke about. Less assimilating, and more embracing the Asian American experience!